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Why You Should Work With A Recruiting Agency

July 25, 2017
The benefits of working with a recruiter
Why You Should Work With A Recruiting Agency

We Know The Local Economy And Job Market

Local recruiting agencies are familiar with the demographic in which they operate. City Personnel is entrenched in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts culture and we understand local job seekers’ expectations. We have the ability to give companies an inside look at what potential hires truly want. Also, we are in an appropriate position to can ask questions that candidates find it hard to ask during an interview. This means we can match great companies with ideal employees because we pair them according to skill-sets, salary goals, and realistic job requirements.


Recruiting Agencies Have Extensive Networks And Relationships

Recruiters have the ability to reach selective job seekers and get inside information on company cultures. This lets us achieve optimum job placement that satisfies both job seekers and hiring managers. Our trustworthy client relationships are especially valuable for recent grads looking to break into the job market and extend their networks. It also helps the firms we serve because we can access local talent that may be holding out on applying for a position because they are choosy, or because they fear they’re unqualified for the position.


Save Time And Money On In-House Recruiting

We have the time and resources to find exactly the right candidates for the job. This saves hours of work for hiring managers who would have to spend time sifting through unqualified applicants, or struggling to upload oddly formatted resumes. We feel that our clients’ time and resources might be better spent running their businesses. The nature of our work lets our clients excel in their areas of expertise while we find people to make their great companies even better.


We can filter out candidates and job openings that aren’t the right fit

We understand the professional world so we can find the most qualified candidates whose skills and experience truly fit the job. Moreover, our client relationships ensure that we find the right culture fit, since energy and personality are just as important as qualifications. We understand job seekers’ goals and want to make sure we meet both parties’ needs. We won’t place candidates with a firm that’s not the right fit. We also love getting to know our candidates because many of them are actually open to various job options. Recruiting agencies can connect people with opportunities that may not have come up in their independent job search.


We have high standards because the candidates we recruit represent us

At the end of the day, we must represent both our candidates and the clients whose companies we staff. We would never send a candidate to a new job role that didn’t meet our high standards for professionalism and eligibility. At City Personnel, we truly love what we do, and we're grateful for the opportunity to be your professional matchmaker.