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Unhappy: When You Should Start Looking for a New Job

October 15, 2018
When you're unhappy with your current position, it may be worth your while to see what you can do to improve it before you make a big, irreversable change.
CommunityUnhappy: When You Should Start Looking for a New Job

We’ve all been there; You feel trapped in a job that you hate. Maybe you didn’t always feel this way. At the start, you were so happy to begin your career, but now, you dread even the thought of going in the next day. Does this mean that it’s the end of the road and you should start looking for a new job right away?


Not necessarily.

If you are currently employed and unhappy about it, the chances are you may have been excited about this new career opportunity at some point. So when do you know it’s time to pack up and move on? Try following these steps first to see if you might be able to rekindle that spark for your career.



how long have you been feeling this way? was there something particular that happened to change the way you felt over time?



Identifying why and when you started to feel this way. Was it due to something that is directly related to work? Or is it an external factor that is weighing you down on the job.



Once you have been able to identify what has caused your negative feelings, it is then time to create a game plan for how you will address these issues. Maybe a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your workload, or something as simple as a diet change or a cubical make-over to improve your day-to-day.



The very last step is to follow through with your plan. Remember, things may not always play out the way you imagine, but as long as you try taking the steps to improve your situation, you’re already more than halfway there.



If you execute your plan to the best of your ability and it doesn’t work the first time, try coming up with two or three other solutions. Only after exhausting your tactics should you consider searching for a new career.