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Ring It in Right: How to Stay on Top of Your New Year Resolution

December 31, 2018
While almost everyone has a new year's resolution, very few will accomplish them. We have the key to achieving your goals in 2019.
Success StoryRing It in Right: How to Stay on Top of Your New Year Resolution

Everyone’s been saying it, “New year, new me!” But how many people are actually able to successfully stick to and accomplish their new year’s resolution?

According to a recent poll, no matter what the nature of the resolution, only 8% are able to achieve their new year goals.

So let us increase that percentage this year with a couple of tips to keep you on track to achieving the “new you” that you’ve envisioned for the new year.

Have a well-defined goal


Resolutions are easier to attain when they have clear and concise parameters. Stating things like,  “I want to get rich” or, “I will lose weight” will fail if they’re not specific enough. What is your definition of rich? How many pounds do you want to lose? The less vague they are, the easier it will be to plan out how you’re going to reach the goal.

Create steps


It’s been proven that when you take a big task and divide it into smaller, more manageable steps, it helps clear your path to success. If you’re really serious about your new year’s resolution, sit down and plan your attack. The further you can plan ahead, the easier the journey will be for you.

Reward positive behavior


Were you able to stick to your plan? Good for you! reward your small accomplishments as an incentive to keep going. Just be careful to not over-indulge!

Don’t over-punish bad behavior


On the flip side, don’t beat yourself up if you slip a few times, either. Change can be a difficult adjustment, so don’t be too upset if you’re not too great at following your plan at the start. However, don’t let that become an excuse to allow yourself to fall off the path altogether.

Track your progress


This is one of the most important points in this list! On days where you feel discouraged, you can look back on how far you’ve come. Many people who have been successful with long-term goals swear by this method, as they say it helped push them to go even further when they felt close to giving up.