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Rapid Advances in Technology Are Changing the Workforce

March 8, 2018
In every office there are many different generations of people. With a rapid advance in technology, things are constantly changing in organizations. Unfortunately, not everyone is as accepting of this change. One generation might be excited about new software or hardware, but another might be petrified of new, complicated and bothersome technology. Everyone must adopt and adapt to innovations in the workplace to make the lives of each employee more efficient.
Rapid Advances in Technology Are Changing the Workforce

The younger generation are too familiar with technology driven elements. The internet has always existed for them; there was never a time that you couldn’t Google something or Ask Jeeves. Meanwhile, the later generations will know that once-upon-a-time a computer was a very rare thing.

Some fight the progressive march of technology in the workplace, others embrace it. Technology is developed to make the job easier, not harder. A great example can be found in organizing - Technology helps in keeping organizations fully organized. Project management software helps in building, delegating, reviewing, and assessing a task. Employers can easily supervise workplace activities that helps in keeping everything on track. Another example can be found in security- Fortunately as the tech industry advances, so does the levels of security. Additional security can be an option for companies who deal with confidential information.

In order to improve and automate office functions, employees must grow with these technological developments with training and updated skills. How can you develop those skills? Find out if your company offers classes, read technology books, participate in webinars, or watch online tutorials.