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Quick And Easy Resume Updates

September 12, 2017
Got a minute? That's all it takes to implement these resume updates. With school back in session and job seekers back on the job hunt in full force, make your resume stand out by keeping it simple and professional. Follow these ten tips and your resume will be polished in no time!
Tips for Job SeekersQuick And Easy Resume Updates

It's International Update Your Resume Month, and there's no time like the present to clean up your resume. We've provided ten quick improvements you can do in the time it takes to down a latte. With fresh updates like these, recruiters and hiring managers are bound to take notice!

Change the name of the file and include the date so that your future self will know when you last updated your resume. Save it as both a PDF and a Word document in order to ensure an seamless upload into recruiters’ software systems.

Choose a new font. Times New Roman or Arial are simple and professional, and make for an easy read for hiring managers.

Create a custom LinkedIn url to add to your resume. Not sure how to do this? Click here to see how it’s done. A recent AdWeek study shows that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates, so make sure your LinkedIn profile is as fresh as your resume.

Remove your year of graduation, date of birth, or any other irrelevant information that could cause unintentional discrimination (such as religion or marital status).

Narrow the margins so that your resume fits to one page, even if it’s one page double-sided. Anything longer is likely too detailed, and most recruiters just want the essentials.

Hard copies of resumes are becoming more and more rare, so make all your hyperlinks live so recruiters can click to learn more about your projects and explore your online profiles.

Unless you’re a recent grad, put your education after your work experience. When it comes to job placement, past employment is typically more relevant than education.  

Change your Skills section to reflect your major areas of expertise. For example, if you have both administrative and payroll experience, create an Administrative section and a Bookkeeping section.

Update any abbreviations to reflect their true meaning. Recruiters’ search tools are more likely to find your resume if you spell out ‘Medical Assistant’ rather than typing 'MA.'

Finally, use spell-check and read your resume aloud to find errors that the spell-check tool doesn't catch. Mistakes like writing “if” instead of “of” make a resume sound unprofessional.


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