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Organization for Your Work Station

September 12, 2018
Messy desk, messy mind. Try these tips to get yourself organized at work!
Success StoryOrganization for Your Work Station

In the professional world, being on top of your game can make or break your chance of success. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the ability to remain perfectly organized on their own. However, with these five starting points, you can be on your way from a flustered flunky to a colorfully coordinated boss. Speaking of colorful…

Color coding!

Color coding your items will help you stay organized and on top of your game. When you color code items, they are more likely to stick out in your memory, making it easier to remember certain details on the fly. Weather you color code by the day of the week, with pens, sticky tabs, or folders, it will boost your brain power to stay attentive to the day’s tasks.

Folders and labels

Folders with clear labels are a great way to minimize the work space clutter. Use folders to organize loose papers around your work area. This tip also applies to computers; create and maintain folders to get rid of the background clutter. The less disorder around your work space, the less stress will overwhelm you. From desktop to desk, having folders is a great way to minimize the mess, and maximize organizational success.

Throw it away!

Papers, pens, whatever it is cluttering up your life. We know it sounds too blatantly obvious, but you’d be surprised how much may be weighing you down just because it hasn’t been needed. A good rule is that if you haven’t needed it for six months, and you don’t foresee needing it in the next six, it can go in the waste bin.

Space organizers

Get space organizers for drawers or small desk shelves. Drawer dividers, folder holders, even a cup for all of your pencils and pens. We found these to help you get started.

Make lists; get a planner

Any local craft or paper store has planners that fit every individual’s needs. Even Amazon has a wide selection of planners to choose from. When you can write down what you need to do in a day, it helps relieve stress and get everything done. Besides, there’s no describing the kind of satisfaction that comes with crossing an item off your list.