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Office Holidays: How to Include Everyone

December 11, 2018
This time of year is all about spreading holiday cheer! Read more about how to make sure everyone in the office feels the warmth.
Office Holidays: How to Include Everyone

It’s December again, which means decorations and holiday greetings will be all around. With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to keep everyone in mind.

This time of year emphasizes good cheer and showing your appreciation towards others, regardless of your holiday preference. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure everyone feels celebrated in order to make sure the season is enjoyable for everyone in the office.

Calendar marking


There are over 15 holidays celebrated in December by different cultures in America alone. Mark the office calendar with some of the most common holidays celebrated in December, or encourage employees to educate others about their customs and beliefs around this time of year. The trick to making everyone feel included is to make sure they feel comfortable being able to openly express their holiday traditions.



Have employees bring in their own decorations, or have employees make decorative suggestions. If not, neutral winter decor would work as well i.e., snowflakes, snowmen, garland, ribbons, etc.

Office Celebrations


If you throw an office party, make sure it’s inclusive; provide foods that are neutral, or encourage people to bring in their favorite holiday dishes. If you would like to choose a more specific theme, you can’t go wrong with a new year’s party! In addition, don’t make holiday celebrations mandatory for employees. While there are employees celebrating all different holidays, there may be a few who choose not to celebrate any.