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National Employee Appreciation Day

July 26, 2017
The first Friday in the month of March is National Employee Appreciation Day.
National Employee Appreciation Day

The first Friday in the month of March is National Employee Appreciation Day. Our team has come up with some innovative ways organizations can show employee recognition that will make all your staff feel appreciated for their hard work. This Friday, the City Personnel team will be celebrating Employee Appreciation Day by having a Team Night together. Have you heard of Escape Room challenges? These team adventures are en vogue a the moment because they require team building skills and strategy to finagle en exit from a locked room using a series of clues. We'll follow it up with dinner at Bravo in Downtown Providence! If an Escape Room isn't your style, here are some other ideas that you could use to show your team some love:

A “Thank You” Note

A handwritten note goes a long way in this digital age. Take a moment to write personalized thank-you cards to employees and key team members. To keep the pep in their step, include gift cards to their favorite local coffee joint.

The Team that Eats Together Stays Together

Catered office lunch or unique team outings can perk up even the crankiest workers, and are great for fostering work relationships.

"What I Love About You" Message Board

Consider putting up a white board where staff can write quick compliments or encouraging messages to each other. Even simple plugs for the person who office fashion is always on point can lighten the office mood and make someone's day.

Acknowledge Key Milestones

Make sure to congratulate your sales team for beating revenue goals, and sing your team's praises on finishing up a grueling project that took weeks to complete. Even though you might assume they know how proud you are to have them in your court, verbal acknowledgement goes a long way!

Or let Pinterest do the creative thinking:

You’re the Balm” gifts

Leave an eco-trendy lip balm on workers' desks with a "You're The Balm!" note attached.

“Hands-Down: we appreciate you!”

Add this goofy note to your office hand sanitizers and soap dispensers

“Thanks a Latte”

Treat the team to coffee, using your favorite Sharpie to add a little "Thanks-A-Latte" message on each cup.


According to an article posted by OfficeVibe, the number one reason most Americans leave their job is that they do not feel adequately appreciated.

Companies with strategic recognition reported a mean employee turnover rate of 23% lower retention at companies without a recognition program.

Organizations with robust employee recognition programs are 12 times more likely to have a stronger businesses.

What would the night sky be without its stars? Don’t forget to take a moment once in a while to thank your office stars for all their hard work!