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Lori's Success Story

October 18, 2018
We love hearing from candidates who were able to find their perfect position through City Personnel. Read more about our interview with Lori and her new permanent job.
Lori's Success Story
Lori was a City Personnel candidate in the legal field with a Cinderella story; an applicant hesitant on taking a temporary position. As we’ve said before, “temp” does not always mean temporary, and at the end of her assignment, she was hired as a permanent employee.
We had the pleasure of being able to interview Lori about her experience working with us going from temporary to permanent.

1) Before city personnel, had you worked with other staffing agencies?

No, I had been at a job for 21 years prior, so I had not used recruiting services before.

2) What was your initial impression when we contacted you with this job opportunity?

I was somewhat skeptical because it was a temp-to-perm position, which I was uneasy about; I wanted something permanent right away, but it worked out well in the end. The advantage of temp-to-perm works on both ends, really. I may have found it wasn’t the position for me and could have just moved on when the assignment was over. Or, they would have been able to find someone else. I’m glad it worked out in my favor.

3) Did you have any specific doubts or concerns when taking this job? If so, what made you take the assignment anyway?

I knew soon after starting that I wanted to stay and learn this new area of law.

4) Do you remember how you felt walking in on your first day?

I felt confident because of my years of experience, but still somewhat nervous starting at a new firm.

5) At what point did you realize that you were becoming comfortable at your new assignment?

Pretty much at the beginning while temping here. Everyone was so helpful and friendly- That goes a long way!

6) Do you think there were any defining factors or situations that made the company want to keep you after your assignment ended?

My work ethic, dedication, skills, and loyalty helped. I think they realized I could learn this new area of practice.

7) Do you see yourself staying where you are for the foreseeable future?

Yes. This is a great place to work for a number of reasons, which is very important when finding a new career.

8) Do you think it is important for someone to feel happy with where they are employed? Do you think how you feel about your job impacts your work ethic?

Yes, definitely. Morale goes a long way in keeping employees happy and productive. If you are in a good working environment, you will apply yourself more and be more productive.