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How To Hire The Right Talent

July 26, 2017
Talent can make or break your work enviornment.
How To Hire The Right Talent

Work with a recruiting firm to streamline the hiring process

Recruiting firms like City Personnel can take the headache out of finding the right candidate to fill a job opening, because we build close relationships with our clients and learn exactly what you’re looking for in potential job applicants. We refine our searches by clearly defining all job requirements and expectations. We also know the correct marketing language and keywords to use to prompt internet search engines to maximize the number of viable candidates that apply. Finally, we only send candidates to firms where we know that their personality and presentation will complement the team.

Enhance your interview process

Many interviews leave out important information because the interviewer is pressed for time, or because the interviewer does not ask enough open-ended questions. Interview questions should certainly focus on technical skills and job experience, but they should also leave room to explore whether someone is coachable and motivated. It can sometimes be hard to know if a candidate will be difficult to work with, but if they blame past employment problems on external forces, then that’s your clue. And don’t forget to invite the applicant ask questions: after all, they’re interviewing you too!

 Clearly communicate your brand and company values

Soft skills are just as important as hard skills, so new hires need to share your company’s values. The look and feel of your website is a great way to communicate your culture. It should also feature a mission statement to draw in like-minded talent and express your brand. Additionally, job candidates who want to join your firm should hold a shared passion for your industry. Many administrative candidates have strong preferences for certain fields such as legal or medical reception, and their work experience will be shaped by the industries to which they feel the strongest connection.