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How to Ace Your Temp Period at Your New Job

December 21, 2017
Starting a new job can be exciting, but also overwhelming. Your new work environment has a different way of doing things and of course there are new expectations. You’re bound to meet new people and on top of that you might be worried about fitting in. Usually, the temporary period is considered a trial period as you transition into the role. There’s plenty you can do during this time to make a good impression and learn the ropes.
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Get the Most out of Your Temporary Position

At some point in your life, you may have worked at a temporary position. Whether this is seasonal or part-time temporary work, you may have not got the most out of your temporary position if you did not follow these steps!
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If you are starting a temporary position soon, make sure to take notes, you won't regret it!

Find out Everyone’s Preferred Communication Method  

All companies have a different way of communicating. Some managers have an open-door policy, while others prefer email or instant messaging. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues and managers directly how they prefer to get requests. That way, you can make sure you don’t cause any disorder by choosing one method over another.

Be Willing to Learn

Going into a new job, you might make your ideas and suggestions a top priority. It’s crucial to also listen and learn about your new workplace. You could cause trouble if you act like a “know it all,” or if you’re always referring to how you did things in your old job. Take time to learn. While you may have great ideas, don’t make assumptions without having all the facts. By making listening a priority, you’ll show that you’re flexible and able to learn new methods.

Be Present

One of the most important determinants of a successful temp period is whether or not you are present. Being present takes two forms. Physically coming into work each day and going through the motions is the most basic way to be present and the minimum requirement for success. A more significant way of being present is to have a connection to your work. Be enthusiastic, show you truly care.

Invite Feedback from Your Manager

Getting evaluated can be nerve-racking, but it’s an opportunity to grow. Asking your managers for feedback shows them you’re open to constructive criticism. Find out their expectations and how you can meet them. Show that you’re proactive about learning and improving. And if you have people reporting to you, invite their comments and ideas, as well. Doing so will ultimately show loyalty and dependability. Small things like this can go a long way, especially in a temp-to-perm position.