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How Returnships Can Benefit Both Parties

June 20, 2019
If you've never heard of a "Returnship", you're not alone. Not only are these programs beneficial for individuals returning to the workforce after a long career break, but for the business as a whole. Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of launching a Returnship within your company!
How Returnships Can Benefit Both Parties

Many workers may experience a career hiatus — whether it’s due to circumstances such as taking time off to care for young children or looking after an ill family member. For these people, it can be very challenging once they are ready to re-enter the workforce because many employers are reluctant to hire applicants whose resumes show lengthy employment gaps.

One effective strategy is pursuing an internship designed specifically for them: a mid-career guide often called a “returnship.”

Returnships welcome a way to sharpen skills, gain some recent experience for their resume, and revive their network.

Modeled after traditional student internships, organizations hire individuals for a few months to a year during which they pair employment with mentoring and training, and can provide an excellent transition back into the working world.

They benefit businesses.

A return-to-work internship program offers a structured, low-risk program so that managers can access a pool of talent they’d otherwise be missing out on.

Hiring and training new employees can be massively costly to businesses — returnships give companies access to already skilled and experienced professionals. By opening their doors to candidates who might otherwise be hesitant to apply for such positions due to their time out of the workforce, businesses can take advantage of a wealth of otherwise untapped talents.

Plus, by hiring those whose skills require only a little “fine-tuning”, businesses can save a small fortune on employee development. By breaking from traditional hiring strategies and taking the focus away from hard skills, returnships offer businesses more room to take in a candidate’s experience, enthusiasm, and potential cultural fit, reducing the risk of a costly poor hire.

Returners come laden with previous experience, solid skill sets, and familiarity with workplace expectations; things which can take businesses a lot of time and money to build up in new employees.

Clearly, the value that a returning professional can bring to a workplace is immeasurable, and businesses who put in the time to help returners develop can find themselves gleaning the benefits long into the future. By offering a returnship program, you’ll help support top talent as they reenter the workforce — and in turn, improve your business.