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Ghosting: The Serial Career Killer

October 31, 2018
Ghosting: The Serial Career Killer

‘Tis the season to feel spooky!

So in the spirit of the holiday, we feel it’s important to address a deadly topic:


(Not that kind)

Ghosting is a relatively new phenomenon that has nothing to do with the supernatural. Ghosting is a verb to describe actively ignoring someone’s efforts of communication, usually all at once and/or suddenly.

Ghosting started to become a popular method of abstaining from romantic advances as mobile and online dating became more prevalent in youth culture.

The act of ghosting became the easy way of “sparing” another’s feelings without facing the confrontation of formally breaking things off.

Ghosting is the easy way out, and it’s oozed into other areas of everyday life due to its easy-to-practice nature. It is an incredibly unprofessional behavior, and should neverbe used outside of a social setting.

(Honestly, it probably shouldn’t be used in social settings either)

One of the biggest issues any staffing firm faces is candidates who end up ghosting them. A total lack of communication is not ideal for a company whose business is managing the connection between employees and employers.

When you ghost instead of being upfront with an employer, it doesn’t go undetected. If you gain a reputation for disapparating, it can affect your chances of getting work in the future. In any industry, it’s not helpful to be remembered as Casper, no matter how friendly he may be.

(Sorry, Casper)

We’ve created a list of the most common reasons for employer-related ghosting, and why you still shouldn’t do it.

  • Not Interested

Often times a candidate will apply for a position that ended up being not what was expected. Instead of ignoring the texts and emails an agency thinks it’s sending to a serious candidate, don’t be afraid to tell us politely you’re not interested.

  • Quitting

If you are unhappy with your current assignment, please let us know before you quit. Part of our job is to make sure you feel happy and safe in your position. If there’s anything bothering you, it helps to speak with your recruiter first so that way we can help fix the issue, or start working on finding you another assignment.

  • Got Another Job

Found a job without our help? Congratulations! We’re in the business of making connections, so even if we weren’t able to help you, we’re glad you were able to find a job. All we ask is that you let us know so we can note your file appropriately. We won’t hold it against you, and you are always welcome to work with us again in the future.

(Even Casper agrees; let’s put an end to ghosting)

We would like to stress that whether or not you are working with a staffing agency, ghosting is never the best approach for dealing with a situation. It always helps to keep an open and honest method of communication between yourself and your employer.