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City Personnel’s Top Essentials For Busy Professionals

July 25, 2017
From Office To After-Work Drinks: City Personnel’s Top Essentials for Busy Professionals
City Personnel’s Top Essentials For Busy Professionals

Looking for some new office novelties that perform as well in a professional setting as they do at a bar or gym? Our team here at City Personnel has put together some of our favorite working professional necessities to keep you productive and prepared. Make some room next to your Tide-To-Go pen for desk paraphernalia that are bound to make your coworkers jealous...


Collapsible Water Bottles

Studies have shown that drinking water is one of the best ways to boost work productivity and avoid headaches. It’s even more important to stay hydrated when you’re dashing off for drinks with coworkers, so avoid being bogged down with a clunky water bottle by investing in a simple collapsible water bottle. These ultra-thin bottles, such as the Vapur anti-bottle (, resemble designer Ziploc bags. They fold once empty to fit in your jacket pocket or handbag, so drink up!


Lush Toothy Tabs

If keeping a dentist’s arsenal at your desk seems like overkill, stay fresh with Lush Toothy Tabs. These fizzy tablets are small and discreet, and can be used with or without a toothbrush to banish lunch breath in time for that afternoon meeting. Even better, you can still enjoy your post-lunch latte because they come in clever flavors like lime and passionfruit to avoid that unpleasant after-brushing taste.



Looking for the cure for to your tangled iPhone cord woes? The folks at QBracelet have designed the ultimate charging accessory that will restore your faith in wearable tech. The QBracelet is a sleek, stylish bracelet that can be removed to charge your iPhone. With both matte and metallic finishes, it’s great for both men and women. Wear at it work or on the run, and then unclasp it to give your iPhone a quick charge whenever your battery is running low.


Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer

For the ultimate organic desk staple, look no further than Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hand Sanitizer spray. With softening glycerin and organic lavender oil, this earthy little piece of luxury is both fragrant and functional. The fresh lavender smells great on guys and gals, and its small size makes it perfect for all your work and travel needs. And with an attractive price tag (only $4.99 on, you can afford one for yourself and one for that favorite coworker that’s always making the office coffee run.


Business Cards With A Twist

Bringing business cards may seem like a no-brainer, but in this era of pervasive technology they sometimes get left in our desks. Check out for insanely unique business card designs in clever shapes and sizes to reflect your industry or business culture, such as a heart-shaped card to promote your cardiology practice. Having a fresh business card stash is important because it can be awkward or invasive to put someone’s contact information directly into your phone when you’ve only just met. For the win, keep an elegant pen with your cards for jotting ideas, or for when that server-in-training at your favorite watering hole forgets to bring a pen when you ask for the check.