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Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

June 10, 2020
The question for yourself now is, “What is a staffing agency, and what are the benefits of using a staffing agency?” We will break down why an applicant and a client company chooses to work with us, a staffing agency. Whether is it for a temporary or permanent position, we will explain the benefits to each!
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What are the Benefits of a Staffing Agency?

The job search is always a stressful one. Sometimes it takes hours to find a job that you are interested in. Come to find out, you don’t have the right qualifications. After more time and stress, you finally find the right job near you and that you have the right qualifications for. However, after a couple of weeks, you never hear back and the position has been filled. Now you are back to square one. The question for yourself now is, “What is a staffing agency, and what are the benefits of using a staffing agency?”

Should you use a staffing agency to find a job? At first, you may think you are limiting yourself by using a staffing agency, however, more than 90% of companies in the U.S use some type of staffing firm.

Here are a list of reasons why you should work with a staffing agency.

1.      Looking for a job, but not sure what you will like?

A staffing agency looks for qualified candidates to fill the positions for their client companies. If you are working with a staffing agency like City Personnel, they would help you find a position that is temporary, permanent, or temp-to-hire. Staffing agencies get to know you and understand who you are before reaching out to you with positions they have available to make sure you are the right fit!

2.      Why would you want a temporary position?

After working with a staffing agency, candidates see first hand the benefits of working temp-to-perm. This is because when you work on a temporary basis, you will be able to experience the culture of a company before being hired at a full-time position!

I am sure you know someone who changed career fields either in college or in the workforce. Many people change careers because they do not know what they want to do long-term. This is why temporary positions are popular.

With over 10 years of experience, a staffing agency like City Personnel can give companies an inside look at what potential hires truly want because they get to know who you are and what you are looking for before anything. Also, local recruiting agencies are familiar with the demographic in which they operate. City Personnel is entrenched in Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts culture and we understand local job seekers’ expectations.

This means we can match great companies with ideal employees.

3.      Why stress about finding a job when it can be done for you?

The next reason why a staffing agency is perfect is, it will save you time and stress! Yes, finding a job is time-consuming and stressful, however, a staffing agency will take half that away. Time management is important and if you have more time working on your skills rather than looking for jobs, you will be ahead of other candidates in the long-run.

Staffing agencies find the job for you, help you with your resume/ interview skills, and much more. Whether you are not getting a call back for a job, or not finding the right jobs online, staffing agencies will be able to get you in the right position for success.

Recruiters can reach selective job seekers and get inside information on company cultures, which means you will never be blindsiding when taking a position. This helps achieve optimum job placement that satisfies both job seekers and hiring managers. No need to worry about if you are going to be the right fit because staffing agencies will do the research to make sure you and the client company end up satisfied with the job you are doing.

4.      No Need to feel bad saying no.

Staffing agencies are your way into a company. In most cases, the staffing agency you work with will do all the heavy lifting for you to find a job you will love.

These agencies understand some positions may not be something you would like to do, so if you get offered an interview, it is easier to decline! If you are quiet or more reserved, you may feel awkward or uneasy about saying no to an interview offer, but with a staffing agency, you will save yourself from writing those awkward emails. Staffing companies understand and will usually deliver the message to the client company for you when it comes to something like this.

When working with a temp agency, there will be no need to accept a position just to find a job. Staffing agencies usually have multiple clients looking for someone like you. If you turn down one position, there will be more to choose from in the next couple of weeks or months.

Whether you are looking for a part-time, full-time, or just seeing what is available; using a staffing agency is one of the easiest ways to make the job search an easier one. They will make the process less stressful and will always stay in communication with you in the future if something else opens up. If you are someone or know someone in the RI or Massachusetts area, City Personnel is one of the local favorite staffing agencies to use. If you do work with a staffing agency on a temporary basis, make sure to get the most out of your temporary position.

Now after reading all of this on why employees should use temporary staffing agencies, here are the reasons why client companies use them too.

Staffing Agencies For Employers

1.      Finding the right candidate without having to go through all the resumes

I am sure we all know a handful of people still looking for jobs each day. You are not alone. And I am sure you or someone you know have applied for a job even though you don’t meet some of the qualifications. This is one reason client companies pick job placement agencies.

Client companies want the best candidates. This can be sometimes time-consuming going through hundreds of candidates’ resumes from Indeed or Glassdoor. Client companies understand that it is more beneficial to hire a temporary staffing agency to do this work.

Temp agencies have the time and resources to find exactly the right candidates for the job. This saves hours of work for hiring managers who would have to spend time sifting through unqualified applicants, or struggling to upload oddly formatted resumes. The nature of hiring agencies lets the clients accel in their areas of expertise while they find the right candidate to make their great companies even better.

Staffing agencies also understand the professional world in which they work so they can find the most qualified candidates whose skills and experience truly fit the job.

Also, these staffing agencies usually have a long-term relationship with their temps, meaning they know who will be a good fit for these open positions.

2.      Immediate need for more employees

This next part may make more sense now because we have all experienced the effect of COVID in the workforce.

Many companies had to lay-off employees because they saw a decrease in business, however, some companies saw higher demand for their products and services.

Companies like CVS and Stop and Shop saw a big increase in sales and needed to hire a lot of employees in a short amount of time. This would be a reason for a company to work with a temporary staffing agency.

They usually have several experienced candidates ready to start working within a week!

3.      Temp-to-hire, making sure you hired the right person

Lastly, another reason why companies would use a staffing firm would be to do a temp-to-hire. What is temp-to-hire?

Temp-to-hire (also known as temp-to-perm) means when you are hired, you are hired as a temporary employee, but if all goes well, they would hire you permanently, on a full-time basis. Their goal is for you to work full-time, however, they do want to make sure you are the right fit for the job first. This is a little test trial to see how a candidate will hold up in the position.

Every company’s main goal is to hire the best candidate. They can get to know your ability to work after seeing your resume and meeting you during an interview. They want to see you in action when working for them.

So now that we answered the question, “What are the benefits of a staffing agency,” you may now be in search for one. Look no further. If you are looking for a staffing agency that works with companies in both RI and MA, call us today!