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4 Ways Jobseekers Can Clean Up Their Social Presence

January 19, 2018
Social media has now become an essential part to finding a job. In fact, most employers use social networking sites to screen applicants. If you’re one of the many people who use social media for fun, your profile is probably in need of a professional makeover — especially considering the fact that hiring managers have made the decision to not to hire candidates solely from their profiles.
Tips for Job Seekers

The following are some of the best ways jobseekers can clean up their social presence:

1. Review privacy settings. Facebook is a heavily used app and as its privacy settings can quite easily be set to “friends only.” You should consider reviewing the privacy settings for all your social accounts — even those you haven’t used in years. Check your settings on Twitter, Instagram, and even your personal blog.


2. Restrict tagging. It’s very likely someone will tag you in a questionable photo or comment at the most unfavorable of times — like when searching for a job. Do yourself a favor and adjust your privacy settings one step further and require a review of all posts or photos before publishing to your profile.


3. Review old posts. It’s hard to even remember what we posted last week, let alone a whole year ago. With Facebook being a top social platform for more than a decade, it’s time to start refreshing your memory. Review your entire history on the platform, and remove any and all questionable posts and pictures. Then, do the same of all other social channels. Yes, it may seem like a lot, but it will be worth it.


4. Think before you post. Before posting anything on social channels, just ask yourself what your professional role model would think. If you could still look them in the eye after posting it, the post is probably tame enough for most hiring managers — with the exception of political commentary. It’s best to steer clear of posting about politics when looking for a job.

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