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4 Unwritten Rules to Follow in the Workplace

November 29, 2017
You may follow your company’s policies, but do you follow these etiquette rules that aren’t listed in your handbook? Take out your paper and pen because these rules set you up for cultivating an office atmosphere that encourages high productivity and overall satisfaction!
Tips for Job Seekers4 Unwritten Rules to Follow in the Workplace

1.  Encourage Positive Vibes

Just like a negative attitude spreads discouragement, a positive attitude spreads happiness. It’s certain that someone will experience a bad day, or go through an unfortunate situation. If you notice a change in your colleague’s performance, lift their spirits and lend a hand if you’re able. Be the positivity you want to see.

2.  Stay Drama Free

You’re in an office with different personalities, people of different backgrounds who might also have different responsibilities.  It’s inevitable, people are going to gossip everywhere you go- it’s natural. The best thing you can do is to ignore it. Don’t engage in rumors and speculate about others with friends in the workplace. Staying out of gossip will make you feel more professional at work. If you follow rule two, you’ll already be on right track with rule one.

3.  Talk About Your Issues with the Right Person

Similar to rule two, issues are bound to come up in the workplace. You are not going to get along with or share the same views as everyone you work with. In some cases, personalities will clash, but it’s very important to always keep it professional. When you are experiencing negativity firsthand, it's your call to rise above it and seek a new level of understanding. Try not counterattack. Inform someone higher up if a problem arises and carry on as you would.

4.  Help Wherever You Can

Sometimes workloads can get hectic and there may be room for more hands. If you see a colleague struggling to complete a task, or having trouble lifting a heavy package, offer help if you’re able. Like they say, team work makes the dream work! Your colleagues will appreciate your willingness to get the job done as a team.