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30 Fun Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer at the Office

December 2, 2019
The holiday countdown has officially begun! Lift your colleague's spirits by starting one of these traditions from our list of 30 ways to spread Holiday cheer at the office.
Tips for Employers

With December’s arrival, the holiday countdown has officially begun. Brighten your employee’s spirits by establishing holiday traditions that will allow them to feel a deeper camaraderie beyond their normal job functions.

Here’s a list of some fun, festive ways to cultivate the holiday spirit into your workplace.

  1. Have employees decorate their desks and have a contest among everyone
  2. Host an office potluck
  3. Holiday office bingo
  4. Get an Elf on the Shelf and have the elf leave small gifts for different employees each day
  5. Decorate your cubicle and have a cube contest
  6. Host a hot chocolate bar with different toppings
  7. Have fun pizzas in the shape of Christmas trees and have employees decorate the trees
  8. Make it a family affair and bring in a Santa for the employee’s children
  9. Host a bake-off among all the employees
  10. Rent a photo booth for your holiday party
  11. Incorporate a charitable cause and donate gifts from your organization, such as Toys for Tots or Trees for Troops
  12. Organize a white elephant gift exchange with your employees
  13. Shoot a holiday video with employees to share with your customers – Don’t have a camera lying around? Use your smartphone!
  14. Have employees bring in their favorite cookie and have a cookie tasting
  15. Host an ugly holiday sweater day at the office
  16. Set up a holiday card exchange for employees
  17. Get your employees together to watch a holiday movie, like A Christmas Story, and make popcorn and hot chocolate in the office
  18. Get employees together and do some caroling around the other offices in your area
  19. Surprise unsuspecting people that you see at your office on a weekly basis with a little gift, such as the UPS driver that is always bringing packages to your office
  20. Do a craft with your employees like you did in grade school, such as snow globes made out of mason jars
  21. Get your employees involved in a Secret Santa
  22. Get the office to decorate a centralized Christmas tree in the office
  23. Play a game of minute to win it: holiday edition
  24. For smaller offices: get everyone a stocking to fill with gifts
  25. Organize a snowman building contest
  26. Put marshmallows into a large jar and have all of the employees guess how many are in the jar- the employee closest to the exact number will win a prize
  27. Buy some wrapping paper and bows and cover your artwork in it to make your office look more festive
  28. Decorate your office windows with spray snow and have your employees write holiday messages to each other
  29. For the New Year, have your employees write down a prediction for the upcoming year and create a time-capsule. Open it up with your employees 1 year later and see who was right
  30. Give employees company logo items, ranging from clothing to mugs, as a thank you for their work this year

At our RI Staffing and Recruiting Agency, we’ve elected to celebrate the holidays with an Ugly Sweater day and a Holiday dinner out on the town. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to bring your employees together this holiday season.