Welcome Back NYLO!

Published 08/11/2011

NYLO flood

Anyone remember the great flood of 2010?  Yes, it was the flood that turned Warwick mall into the "first underwater mall" in the country and yes that's where the footage of people rowing boats down their typically quaint residential streets came from.  With those images in mind I'm sure we can all agree that the flood did a lot of damage to not only small residential neighborhoods, but also large established businesses.  NYLO hotel in the Pontiac Mills Complex in Warwick was one of those businesses.

The 163 room loft style hotel opened to rave reviews in September 2008, only to be devastated by the flood waters from the cresting river at the end of March 2010.  The river took not only their back deck area, but it also severely damaged the hotels main lobby, front desk, meeting room, lower guest rooms, and restaurant.  

Almost 2 years later, and many extensive renovations later, the hotel is set to re-open.   Michael Muller, the hotel chains CEO said that a corporate restructuring in addition to the replacing of custom fitted interiors, such as furniture and fixtures, designed specifically for NYLO Providence/Warwick are what lead to the delays in re-opening the hotel.

NYLO interior

In addition to re-opening the hotel next Tuesday, NYLO has also named a new leadership team.  Kingston, RI resident Susan Shaw is the new General manager. North Kingstown resident Joanne McNulty Schroeder has taken the helm as Director of Sales and Marketing.  Providence resident Robert Minger will be over seeing the culinary experience as the Director of Food & Beverage.  Jenna Cowan of Providence will be the Front Desk manager and rounding out management will be Allan Thompson of Boston as Controller.

The hotel has provided jobs for roughly 35-40 people, down from their pre-flood staff of 60.  Of the 35-40 employed Shaw says that roughly half of them worked at NYLO prior to the flood, herself included.

Welcome back NYLO Hotel.  We've missed you.

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