Trend Watch, Office Edition

Published 02/16/2012

5 Office Trends to Watch in 2012.

  1. Mobile Devices. Is this news? Probably not, however the restrictions on how and when you use them in the work place are decreasing by the day.  Some companies have even gone as far as making workplaces BYOD, or “bring your own device.” My biggest concern with this trend is confidentiality. 
  2. Telecommuting. Otherwise known as working from your mobile device off site. According to AARP research the baby boomers are the biggest advocates for this movement.  In many cases its win-win. Telecommuting offers employees more flexible schedules and it offers employers a way to curb office expenses.
  3. Open Office Space. Let the creative juices flow! More and more companies are deconstructing the cubicle and creating communal spaces and shared workspaces.  The hope is this will increase the exchange of ideas and lead to improved productivity.
  4. Instant Communication. We have already bid adieu to the fax machine, however will we parting ways with email soon as well?  I tend to say no, however more and more people feel that email is a bit slow for communication and find text, social media, and other alternatives faster and more economical.
  5. Reverse Mentoring. Now this one is new…and probably is freaking some people out.  Not only are companies having new employees be mentored by longer standing employees, but they are also having younger employees mentor older employees in software and other techy areas.
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