Show Me the Love, Not the Money

Published 03/09/2012

Big or small the competition for talent in this state is fierce.  The amount of money that could be spent getting, and then keeping, talent certainly can add up quicker than we’d like.  For big budget companies this isn’t an issue, but the rest of need to find more cost effective ways to keep the talent we have without breaking the bank.  Here are some low cost, effective, and fun ways to show your employees just happy you are to have them.

Flextime:  Most businesses need to have set operating hours, but allowing your employees some freedom if they are getting their work done goes a long way.  If someone is getting what needs to be done, done then let them take an hour and go to the dentist. Just ask that you give some notice so you can get coverage.

Summer Schedule:  Lots of businesses amend their typical schedule during the summer months to allow employees to enjoy the weather.  Instead of working 8-5 why not work 8:30-4?  Or give employees a Friday afternoon every month off. 

Canine Friendly: Have an office full of dog lovers?  Let your employees bring their well-behaved pup in every now and again.

Car Care: Who has time to get an oil change? Not me.  Why not arrange for your employees to get their oil changed during business hours and foot the bill?

Lunch, on us: Have a weekly company lunch.  Have it catered and spend some time outside the cubicle with your employees.

Give back: This is a win-win.  Give your employees some paid time off to give back to the community in any volunteer organization like and you’ll get nothing but praise for it too.  Why not go a little further and get the whole office involved in a charitable cause?

Extend the love: Let employees going through major life transitions such as becoming new parents, losing a family member, or separating from a spouse expense up to $300 of food in the first three months.

Get, and stay, fit: Incorporate health and fitness into your company culture.  Provide all your employees with gym memberships and allow them and hour at lunch to use them.  If that doesn’t fit your structure reimburse employees for purchases directly relating to fitness (running shoes, gym memberships, Pilates mats, etc)

All in all there are lots of ways to say thanks for sticking around.  Use some of ours or get creative and come up with whatever works best for your company! Think we missed any big ones?  Let us know because we’re all about saying thanks!

Tags: Office Culture, Recruitment